Alstonville Sports & Remedial Massage

At Alstonville Sports & Remedial Massage our mission is clear; give our clients a body that moves well and breathing efficiently! People who move well and breathe efficiently are far less likely to have pain or experience work and sports related injuries and illness. 

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Movement is the #1 predictor of your future health

What we do?

We specialise in Sports and Remedial Massage techniques to treat:

  • work and sports related injuries 
  • breathing disorders
  • stress, headaches, muscle and joint pain
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Who we are?

We are Alstonville’s Sports and Remedial Massage specialists. Our passion is health and helping people find theirs…

What does it cost?

The cost of treatment always reflects the time we need to spend to get you moving well. 30, 60 and 90 minute Consultations are available at very affordable prices.  

At Alstonville Sports & Remedial Massage we live by the fact quality movement is necessary for a quality life!

Health Fund Rebates

We are registered providers of Remedial Massage with all Health Funds  

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